Ned was born in 1945 and was raised on a small horse farm in Northern Indiana for the first ten years of his life. After the death of his father the farm was sold and he had no close contact with horses until he and his wife Rita moved to the Prescott, Arizona area in 1977.

 At that time Ned decided to purchase an unbroken colt and to start the gelding himself. Drawing on the memories he had of his youth and his father’s gentle way with horses he started the colt with long lines and slowly progressed to saddling.

 In the meantime he read everything he could find on colt starting and attended seminars and clinics of well known horse training clinicians. He observed methods of using the nature of the horse to accomplish in a short time what had been taking him a month or two. This sparked a desire to learn all he could about the nature of a horse and the way a horse learns.

  "We must first be a student of the horse before we can be his teacher". Ned feels that anyone with the desire to do so can learn the nature of a horse.

Over the years he has had the opportunity to handle hundreds of horses and mules.

"The horses teach me every day. We can never know it all".

 Our business focuses on colt starting, behavior modification, Horsemanship Education, private classes, clinics, and seminars.

We feel we have been blessed to be involved in the horse industry and count our customers among the "Best Folks on Earth" and as friends.

Ned and Rita Leigh

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